Social Movement - The Health Revolution
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The Health Revolution is not just a book, but also a social movement spearheaded by Jade Wimberley, a licensed naturopathic doctor. 

Healthcare is of huge concern to both patients and healthcare practitioners alike.
This concern is multi-faceted:


The way in which healthcare is delivered in the United States is not serving the patient. Instead it serves the financial interests of pharmaceutical and insurance companies.


Insurance companies do not cover alternative, holistic healthcare. When one is forced to have insurance, one should be able to choose a provider of choice.


The patient/doctor relationship is sacrificed when the patient waits an hour plus in the outer office to have an impersonal encounter with the doctor on call.


Real food is not offered enough as a form of medicine or avenue to wellness. The more we eat seasonal, organic, unprocessed food the healthier we become.


We are all part of nature. To be a healthy society, the Earth must not be sick.


Patients must be empowered with information and education. Rather than being ushered into a medical model that “fights disease,” patients want to learn how to be proactive regarding their health and to stay well.

It’s about creating a vibrant community with the purpose of inspiring, educating and empowering others so we may all enjoy optimum health.

Join the Health Revolution Now!

“It is my responsibility to honor you as a person and to do everything in my power to educate and empower you to live the healthiest life you can imagine.” – Dr. Jade

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