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Learn how you can gain better health, create a wellness plan and make the most out of your unique life!


Dr. Jade Wimberley

This thought provoking and long overdue book by author Jade Wimberley, licensed naturopathic doctor, is a combination holistic health, self-help book and inspirational manifesto. This back-to-basics primer reveals the challenges patients face with the current healthcare system and empowers them to awaken their healthiest selves—physically, emotionally and mentally. Learn how you can gain better health, create a wellness plan and make the most out of your unique life.


Health is not about taking a pill. Health is about understanding why we feel the way we do and making educated choices to truly heal.

The Health Revolution book is a gentle nudge from a naturopathic doctor who wants readers to know the innate natural power of the body, honor it and ignite a comprehensive Health Revolution.


The Social Movement

The Health Revolution is not just a book, but also a social movement spearheaded by Jade Wimberley, a licensed naturopathic doctor. It’s about creating a vibrant community with the purpose of inspiring, educating and empowering others so we may all enjoy optimum health.


Dr. Jade Wimberley

As a naturopathic doctor, providing alternative medicine, Dr. Jade Wimberley believes in healing with nature as a primary aid and that the relationship between practitioner and patient is paramount in providing quality care.


Join the Health Revolution Now!

“It is my responsibility to honor you as a person and to do everything in my power to educate and empower you to live the healthiest life you can imagine.” – Dr. Jade

Contact Dr. Jade Wimberley

Dr. Jade believes that change can occur one patient, one activist, one organic farmer at a time. Be a part of The Health Revolution. Dr. Jade and The Health Revolution want to hear from you. Your ideas and concerns regarding health and healthcare are welcome. We need you to help change the way we do health in America.
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