Dr. Jade offers, as part of her alternative medicine practice in Carbondale, Colorado, weekly vitamin B12 injections. Having been part of the GotvitaminB12.com team for over two years, she’s witnessed first-hand the benefits of vitamin B12 therapy. Vitamin B12 is needed to produce red blood cells, nerves, and DNA, and to carry out essential body functions that pave the way to optimal health. As a result, patients often report that they experience a “calm energy,” better sleep patterns, enhanced cognitive function, and an overall sense of well being as a result of the injections.

The human body doesn’t make vitamin B12; it is obtained from food or supplements. So guess what? Vitamin B12 deficiency is common especially among those who are vegetarian, smokers, or have digestive issues.

Hundreds of Dr. Jade’s B12 clients have shared their success stories about how “a simple injection” was the catalyst leading to more beneficial lifestyle changes. One patient summarized her experience as, “I felt a zest for life not felt in years. I woke up with more energy and was able to check many things off my to-do list. After my husband and two girlfriends asked what I was doing differently, I realized the B12 injections were making a difference.”

For a boost of healthy energy, join the fun at a Dr. Jade’s Vitamin B12 Happy Hour in Carbondale, Colorado. Refer to the red button at the top of the page. No appointments necessary. Just drop in and be well.

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