“At the age of 59, I sought out Dr. Jade Wimberley’s consultation to help monitor my aging process by interpreting blood tests and boosting my system with vitamin-mineral drips. She is pragmatic, and asked me interesting questions like:  ‘How are you sleeping?’ and ‘How are you pooping?’  She is present.  Her bedside manner is assuring. Dr. Wimberley is keenly interested in the complexities of the human organism and tends to not rush to a conclusion. She is an advocate of the ancient medical models in which  one went to the doctor to maintain one’s health, as opposed to putting it off until the dis-ease was fully developed. Through our consultations, I developed a deeper trust and knowing of my body’s ability to heal itself.”

– Matthew Engelhart, co-owner of Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre restaurants, author, free-thinker, husband, father and grandfather.


“Dr. Jade Wimberley, ND provided great care as well as camaraderie during my cancer treatment. In May 2014, I was diagnosed with Anaplastic Carcinoma Thyroid Cancer, which is an extremely rare cancer, known to be aggressive and resistant to treatment. My family suggested I work with Dr. Jade Wimberley for a regimen of many nutritional infusions to support my immune system and overall health while I underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

The time I spent with Dr. Wimberley during these house call visits was certainly an added benefit in my healing process. She encouraged me to believe in the healing power of the body and mind through such a trying time. I am now 18 months out from diagnosis and so far cancer free. This experience left me believing in the need for more integrative healthcare especially with advanced disease states. She certainly helped me achieve good health again in my life.”

-J.G., Berkeley, CA



“The first reason I picked Dr. Jade Wimberley was for her availability and affordability. When I met her, I really knew that I had lucked out. She was warm, gentle and patient, and took the time to find out my needs. I needed an infusion of Vitamin C along with B vitamins and other minerals, and she tailored the doses according to my needs. She was a pleasure to work with – calm, caring and attentive, but not excessively so. She made sure I was comfortable, and in conversation, she was interesting, interested and well-informed on alternative therapies. I was lucky to have been able to use her services several times for the (all too short!) duration that she was in the Bay Area and happily recommend her!”

– Anonymous, San Francisco, CA



“I was an emotional and physical mess when my family insisted I meet with Dr. Jade Wimberley. My family knew I needed help due to my continued drug use for over 6 years. It was getting worse, and I found myself homeless for a number of months. I was scared of the world and still hesitant to ask for help. Dr. Jade worked with me to get in touch with my feelings and was a great companion on my road to recovery. She helped me see that I was worthy of a successful life. She was there for me even during the times when I was very resistant to her help. Not in a bossy way, but with a gentle, demanding presence, she allowed me to discover my confidence over time. It was through my work with Dr. Jade that I found the courage to face myself, my family, and the world when I did not want to. She also changed the way that I now look at my situations and how I look at myself. I am happy to say that I am coming on three years clean and sober on July 17th, 2016 and I am grateful that she was a part of my recovery. An impact was made on my life. I would highly recommend her to a family with an adolescent or young adult who is struggling to make strides in their life. She’ll certainly help change your son’s or daughter’s life if they are willing to accept change.

Thank you Dr. Jade for all the help and wisdom that you have shared.”

-D.H. 19 and struggling with drugs and failure to thrive, Minneapolis, MN

D. H.

“Dr. Jade is a true lifesaver. Yes, in a ‘Toss me a flotation device, I’m drowning!’ kind of way, but also in a ‘Let’s build a boat to cross this wide ocean safely together’ way. She has come to my rescue during acute health crises when the waters got too high and shored up my leaky vessel to make it more seaworthy generally. This is a rare and potent combination–a provider who is good in moments of acute need and in developing preventative measures. I’ve dealt with challenging mental health issues for most of my adult life, balancing a high-powered career and high-octane ambition with difficult neurobiology. Dr. Jade has both provided me with helpful nutritional recommendations and other care guidance directly, as well as pivotal connections to other practitioners within her network. She is a brilliant integrative doctor and a beautiful soul; my life–and health–are better for having known and worked with her. I’d let her captain my ship anytime.”

-K.D., Environmental Policy Director and Activist, Oakland, CA


“Dr. Wimberley walks what she talks and lives what she believes.  This is a true case where her life imitates her art and we all benefit from it.”

– Dr. Holly Lucille, ND,RN, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Holly

“I was referred to Dr. Jade Wimberley through friends who had received Nutritional IV Treatments from her. I witnessed their increase of energy and I was curious. At the time, I was traveling 250+ days a year and had been for several years for a very stressful job. I would come back to the United States completely exhausted and run down after weeks of non-stop travel. After a consult and some blood work, I met with Dr. Wimberley and began IV treatments. I noticed an immediate benefit of more energy, being more relaxed, and an overall sense of well-being that I hadn’t felt in years. Couple the health benefits with her gentle and non-judgemental approach to really getting to know and understand her clients and their needs, I walked away from my visits with her feeling much better about life. My time with Dr. Wimberley, over the last couple years, has both healed and prepared me physically and mentally to be more capable of tackling my challenges.”

-P.M., International Securities Specialist, San Francisco, CA


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