Jade Wimberley, Naturopathic Doctor

As a Naturopathic Doctor, providing alternative medicine, I believe in healing with nature as a primary aid. But, most of all, I believe that the relationship between practitioner and patient is paramount in quality healthcare. It is my responsibility to honor you as a person and to do everything in my power to educate and empower you to live the healthiest life you can imagine. ... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

My professional (and personal) history has been a persistent journey of learning how to be healthy and then assisting others to do the same.

I am a co-founder of Zuma Natural Foods in Mancos, Colorado. Some family, friends, and community members thought I was crazy to take on such a risky venture but I thought it was necessary for the community to thrive. There was no local and organic food available within thirty miles of Mancos prior to Zuma’s existence, and now the store is an integral community hub.

I left Zuma to join the medical team at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, a holistic therapeutic program for adolescents and young adults based out of Durango, Colorado. I made this leap, because I wanted to help others who, I felt, were in great need of medical care as well as a connection to nature.

Our team included other NDs, MDs, DOs, RNs and a psychologist. Together, we ensured that each client and family received the highest quality healthcare offered in the behavioral health field. Working with such a diverse group of professionals shaped my understanding of all types of medicine. Though practicing medicine in nature solidified my true understanding and belief of the vis medicatrix naturae—the healing power of nature.

Today, I practice as a Naturopathic Doctor in Carbondale, Colorado and treat clients nationwide via telephone and teleconferencing. I also run Vitamin B12 treatment clinics and am the founder of The Health Revolution. The purpose of this social movement is to create change in how we approach health and provide healthcare in the United States. I believe that if individuals have easy access to integrative medicine, life can be lived fully, with less disease, stress, and general aches and pains.

Life is the biggest mystery. Being a character in this grand story can fill us with a sense of awe, belonging, and purpose. It’s tragic when we cannot participate fully because we are ill or stressed by the rapid pace we keep.

Each day nature offers us a gift, whether in the form of a rainbow, the birth of a child, a boost of energy, or a drizzly rain that entices you to curl up and read a book. Our job is to slow down enough to receive it.

Jade Wimberley, Naturopathic Doctor, is a graduate of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, a four-year, post-graduate program located in Tempe, Arizona. Prior to medical school, she did her undergraduate studies at Denison University, majoring in Economics while also spending seven months in Geneva, Switzerland studying International Relations. She is a member of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association and licensed in California (603), Colorado (1000123), and Utah (6546908-7100V).


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