“There was a time when medicine was about relationship, and not about rushed appointments, copays, or searching for a doctor covered by your insurance. I’m bringing back that time.”

-Jade Wimberley, Naturopathic Doctor, Alternative Medicine Practitioner and Author

When you team up with Jade Wimberley, Naturopathic Doctor, you are given dedicated and quality time. No more 10-minute consultations and waiting for hours to see the doctor. She commits to you her full energy and focus, the best of integrative medicine, and most importantly a realistic path to optimal health. The focus is on total wellness and not just treating and masking symptoms. Together, you and Dr. Jade, will identify your health goals, diligently and gracefully move towards them while building a trusting relationship, and implement a treatment plan that makes common sense.

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“The time spent with Dr. Jade, during my care visits, was an added benefit to my healing process. She encouraged me to believe in the healing power of my body and mind during a trying time. It is now 18 months after my diagnosis and at this point I am cancer free, in large part due to naturopathic medicine. This experience has left me believing in the need for more integrative healthcare especially with advanced disease states. Dr. Jade certainly helped me achieve good health again in my life.”

–Dr. Jade Patient Testimonial


Consultation Instructions & Policy Information

If you are interested in becoming one of Dr. Jade’s patients please email her at

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Dr. Jade will contact you within three business days and schedule a brief consultation to discuss your healthcare needs and to answer any questions.



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